Professional Stainless Steel Tapware and Sinks - Lead Free

About Us

Swedia Quality - 100% Australian Owned

Swedia® is a 100% Australian group specialising in architectural stainless steel
kitchenware. Created with select European design houses and manufactured
specifically to meet the strict Australian and New Zealand requirements and
standards. Swedia provides the Australian and New Zealand markets with a new
premium choice in kitchen tapware and sinks. Bold designs that combine clean
simplicity, beauty and functionality.

World leading manufacturing partners

A combination of specialist European manufacturers produce perfect mixer taps, designer sinks and other sanitary kitchenware.

  • Swiss stainless steel engineers,
  • Leading ceramic cartridges for precision water control,
  • Spanish input hoses made specifically for Australia's Watermark requirements,
  • Specialist German anti-fray hoses designed to last,
  • Swiss aerators and nozzles for perfect water flow, and
  • Master steel finishers to hand finish all surfaces.

Why stainless steel kitchenware?

Stainless steel is demanded in premium and commercial kitchens for its aesthetic appeal, superior hygienic and sanitary properties, and high resistance to corrosion. Here are the reasons to choose stainless steel for your kitchen or laundry:

  • Family health: Unlike brass taps, stainless steel contains no lead (Pb)
  • Hygienic water: Stainless steel is non-porous so a highly sanitary metal - no debris buildup inside
  • Temperature tolerance: Stainless steel can tolerate much higher temperature than other metals
  • Outdoors proof: Premium stainless steels boast natural anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties
  • Long-life finish: No coating that can peel or scratch off - and it can be brushed or polished
  • Eco-friendly: The harsh chroming process is avoided - a big positive for the environment

SWEDIA - world leading kitchenware made
specifically for Australia and New Zealand

Just remember that all not all stainless steel taps are high quality. There are many grades of stainless steel in terms of hardness and anti corrosiveness. Swedia stainless steel balances these properties to maximise the lifetime of your kitchenware. And the internal components, especially the ceramic cartridge, can be of highly variable quality. Swedia only partners with the manufacturers of the best components available.

A specialist brand member of the Vanguard Design Group (ABN 48 104 411 314)