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Prepare Your House for Summer with These 6 Improvement Tips

The summer’s coming! That’s the beauty of our planet, there’s always summer coming somewhere. Regardless of how you feel about summer weather and the heat you need to prepare yourself and your home to make the season more enjoyable. Spring is a good time to start thinking about this and to book that holiday if you haven’t already. There are a couple of things though, to take care of, for the time you won’t be away as the summer is usually much longer than the getaway booked.

Keep your home airtight

Assess the damage done by the winter and insect the house to see whether insulation, windows and the roof have been damaged. Replace any broken roof tiles and repaint and service your windows to erase traces which water and wind may have left on them. Unless you have done it recently, check the state of your insulation and redo it if necessary. If there is a layer you can add, do so to keep your home more energy-efficient and thus cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Prepare Your House for Summer with These 6 Improvement Tips

Do the Spring Cleaning

Believe it or not, spring cleaning is going to make your house lighter for the summer coming. It is not only about hygiene and a detail wash, it should mainly be about decluttering. Assess your belongings, especially the content of your wardrobe and dispose of everything you did not use this winter. If you use solid fuels, have your chimney cleaned. Clear out the storage area.

Paint the bright face

Now that your home is all fixed, there is one last thing you need to do, repaint those walls. Painting should go hand in hand with the cleaning. You can use the opportunity of having to clear out space to declutter, as once you take things out, you do not have to put them back in. Do not wash the windows until the painting is done. Do as much as you can so as to avoid double work. Consult the professional to help you use color to open up space. A group of Sydney painters advises using warm, bright colors in communal areas with a lot of daylight as they tend to complement each other.

Your piece of nature and fresh air

Even though your home is now probably close to perfect, you still need to create a little nest for you and your family outdoors. Work on your garden or your balcony to create a pleasant and inviting environment, a place to have coffee in the morning or drinks with friends in the evening. Clear out any debris winter has left you with and enhance the greenery as much as you can. Consider adding a form of sunshade which will protect you from the sun, but won’t keep the hot air trapped underneath. You can purchase garden fans to keep you and the air fresh and cool.

Prepare Your House for Summer with These 6 Improvement Tips

Don’t forget the little-ones

You’ll never be able to relax until your kids are satisfied. Create a designated play area in your garden. Make sure that at least a part of it is protected from direct sunlight at all times. If you do not already have a pool, create an area where you can install a portable one. Do not forget a sand box as it is a pool full of ideas for new games when you are a t a certain age. If you do not have children, do not abandon the idea of having a play area. You can still use the pool, sunbathe and play ball with your friends.

Use the obvious technology

And finally, to the most obvious ways of preventing the heat. Service, replace or install an AC device. You can use it to your liking, but it is good to have it in case it becomes too hot, especially if you have children. Remember to keep it only a couple of degrees down from what the outside temperature is to avoid health issues. You can use fans, both indoors and outdoors to create a pleasant breeze. Keep doors within your home open to create a draft and allow for the air to flow.


Now that your home is tight, clean, cool and with an outdoors spot to relax, you are ready for the summer and nothing can catch you off-guard.

Lighting options for kids rooms

Children’s room is their little kingdom and every kingdom deserves to be royally lit. Provide your little princes and princesses with all the light they need for playing, reading and, at the end of the day, sleeping. Use appropriate lighting to transform their room into an oasis of security, productivity and happiness. Here are some tips and ideas on how to do properly light your kids’ room.

lighting ideas
General lighting

General lighting usually goes on the ceiling and offers light for general activities and is used the most during the day. Chandeliers or sconces can be shaped like anything as long as it’s fun and colourful. You can find all sorts of colour schemes and designs made especially for kids. If they’re old enough to choose, you can take them shopping and they will pick the design they like the most. It’s always good for the general lighting to have dimmers, so that way you can save money and light the room appropriately.  Make sure bulbs are bright enough so your children can play safely and not strain their eyes.



lighting ideas kids room

Task lighting

Your children will not spend the whole day playing on the floor. Many children enjoy drawing and reading stories and you have to provide the adequate light for those tasks. Task lighting is especially important in older kids’ rooms, since they probably need to study and do homework. The best solution is getting desk lamps. They must be bright and glare-free if possible to protect your kids’ eyes.  Task lights also come in many different shapes and sizes, but pay attention to how much light they provide.



Closet lighting

Many kids take pride in what they have, whether it’s toys, books or posters, so it’s important to illuminate that part of their life. There are special clip spotlights and picture lamps that are perfect for illuminating their posters and pictures, and built-in lights can shine some light on their other treasured possessions. It’s also smart to install little lamps in the closets that will make choosing outfits easier and they also scare monsters away.




kids room


Night lights

If your kid is afraid of the dark, a good night light is a must-have item for their room. Night lights offer subtle but irreplaceable comfort during the dark nights. Night lights shouldn’t be so bright they disturb your sleeping child, but they should be bright enough so they scare away the darkness and monsters hiding in it. You can even work on some DIY lighting projects with your kids, using LED strips and some glue. Those night lights are easy to make and they look amazing. Each can be different and personalised and your kids will love them.



Nursery lighting

Nursery lighting is required both by the parents and the baby. They can lull your baby to sleep and they are more than useful for feeding and checkups during the night. Get a light that has a soft glow and a low voltage bulb to protect baby’s eyes and offer just enough light for a good night’s sleep. You can also install dimmers on already existing fixtures, so you can easily control the amount of light during the day. If you chose a lamp for your nursery, don’t place it near the crib. It can get knocked down or your baby can pull it down when they start crawling. Another beautiful and useful idea is to create a LED starry ceiling. This will transform any nursery into a real fairyland.

Bedroom Baby Home Interior Nursery Waking Up Crib



It’s important to provide good and adequate lighting for your kids and make their childhood full of bright ideas and memories. Also, you will protect their young eyes and save their health. Include your child into the choosing or making of the lighting and you can make it into a nice bonding time.


How to Create Shade in Your Backyard

Everyone loves to spend time in their backyards, but often enough you'll find the hot Australian sun will make you want to lock yourself indoors with the air-conditioner cranked to the maximum. As we're finally nudging towards the warmer months of our year it's the perfect time to start thinking of creative ways to create shade in your backyard. A fun, convenient and affordable solution to try is a shade cloth! Keep reading to find out more...


What Is a Shade Cloth?

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A shade cloth is exactly what its name suggests: a cloth that has been specifically designed and manufactured to create shade. This particular brand of cloth is manufactured from UV-stabilised HDPE, ensuring protection from the suns harsh rays, and is also composed from heavy duty monofilament thread, allowing it to be strong and resistant to the elements. It is also available in a range of colours and thicknesses so you can find what'll suit your home best.


Entertainment Area Shade

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You probably want to make your entertaining area as pleasant and relaxing as possible. In order to ensure you and your guests don't fry to a crisp whilst you're enjoying a nice backyard BBQ why not install a simple shade cloth over the top of your area? For example over your decking, pergola or outdoor dining table. In this area of your home stray away from typical shade cloth colour choices and instead opt for something bolder such as red or orange!


Pool Area Shade:

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Your permanent or inflatable pool will become a much safer area for your children to enjoy the summer heat if you choose to install a shade cloth. An Australian summers day can reach up to 45 degrees, and hence an extra layer of protection from the suns harsh UV rays is always useful.

Please note that even if you have shade cloth coverings, the use of sunscreen and protective clothing such as hats and sunglasses is essential, even on those cloudy days!

We suggest you opt for cool and calm colours such as white or cream when installing a shade over your pool to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Playground Shade:

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Similar to your swimming pool, playground shade will provide a sun-smart solution to playground use during hot Australian summer days. Shade cloth will prevent equipment from being damaged from environmental factors and will provide a safe, cool area for your family to enjoy.


Garden Shade:

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Australian weather conditions can be very harsh for our gardens. Thankfully a shade cloth can be used to protect your garden from sun, rain, drying winds, mildew, frost and chemicals. Overall it's an inexpensive and effective way to tailor gardening conditions and ensure a fruitful harvest.


Depending on the environment, your space and types of greenery, you may want to research different types of shade cloth and choose what will best fit your backyard requirements. If it is all too confusing, please don’t hesitate to give the team at Print My Fence a call on 1300 323 322.

Author Bio: This article was written by Madina Azamy from Print My Fence – Australia’s number 1 provider of high quality printed shade cloth and custom banners at affordable prices.

Baby-proofing Your Backyard: Keep Your Outdoor Spaces Safe for Infants

Imagine being let loose in a whole new environment, with a cavalcade of sensory stimuli that you are yet to experience. Then imagine that you have no concept of danger or personal harm. Now you can see why you can never be too careful when baby-proofing your backyard. Therefore, we have compiled some handy tips to help you do just that! Read on to discover how to keep your child safe as the learn and explore the fascinating world around them.


Water Features

Water is one of the most dangerous features of your backyard. A child can drown in only six centimetres of water, which means that everything from shallow water features to full size pools can be hazardous to your infant.

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Cover pools or ponds where possible, a simple pool cover or pond cover is generally effective. If you have a separate pond area in your garden, secure it with a sturdy locked gate. Even with these precautions in place, you should never leave your infant unattended near water, even if just for a moment.


Garden Tools and Implements

Garden tools; great for keeping your backyard neat and tidy, but potentially harmful for your little bundle of energy. There’s a simple way to avoid the dangers associated with garden implements, and that is to invest in a good quality garden shed. Young kids have a knack for getting into seemingly impossible spaces, so if your shed is looking a bit dilapidated, it might be time for a revamp.

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The same applies to pesticides and any other chemicals. Always keep these locked away, store them in clearly labelled containers and never use them in your yard before or during your baby arrives.


Impromptu Escapes

You just can’t reason with a baby; telling him or her not to venture out by themselves is simply not going to work. For this reason, you need to be extra careful. Make sure all pet doors and flaps that are big enough for your child to fit through are kept locked and secured, and fit childproof safety locks on all windows and doors.


It’s also worth investing in outdoor lighting with built in sensors. These handy devices will come on automatically when they sense movement at night, giving you a useful warning if your baby does manage to get out into the garden by themselves after dark.


General Hints


  • Think like a baby: A baby’s view of the world is a little different from ours, so get down on your hands and knees and identify any nooks and crannies your baby might want to get into.

  • Keep emergency numbers near the back door: It is worth writing down a load of emergency numbers and keeping them on a pad near the back door, giving you an easy means of summoning help if something bad happens.

  • Be aware the sun: We all know that UV rays in sunlight can damage the skin, but we sometimes overlook its other effects. Strong sun can make your baby’s play slide or another surface dangerously hot; always remember to test the surface with your forearm before allowing your infant to use it.

  • Check and double-check your plants: Make sure that the plants in your garden will not harm your baby if ingested, and keep any harmful plants well out of your child’s reach. This requires a bit of research, but it is well worth it.

  • The softer the better: Installing a play area in your garden is a great idea; just make sure that it is equipped with soft landing areas for your children, should they fall. These are easy to get hold of and to install.


Can you think of anything we can add to our list? Get in touch and let us know.

Author bio: This article was written by the team at Monsterball Amusements & Hire who can create an amusement park in your backyard equipped with Bouncy Castles, Water Slides, Bubble Soccer, Zorb Balls and more!