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Above Ground Pools: Things to Consider in Choosing a Modular Swimming Pool

man and child swimming in a modular pool

Modular swimming pools are a fantastic way to enhance your home in an affordable way. Not only can they provide you and your family with a refreshing break from the scorching summer sun but they also offer a wonderful space to play and entertain that can be easily modified to fit your garden. Above ground pools can also look great to prospective buyers if you ever wish to sell your property.

But what factors should you consider before buying your above ground pool?

above ground pool with trees plants and wooden planks

WHEN: The best time to buy a modular pool

Even though the products themselves don’t change, prices tend to fluctuate depending on the season. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that modular pools are in higher demand during the summer and warmer months. So, if you’re thinking about getting one, start browsing during the winter to ensure you get the best possible price.

WHERE: The suitable site for your pool

The main advantage of modular pools is that they can be modified to fit the space you have. This doesn’t just mean physically fitting the pool into your property, it also refers to the layout you use to make the most of your pool in the most functional and aesthetically pleasing way possible.

Before buying your pool, think about where you’d like it. Think about how it will look and fit in the space. Take measurements and think about various shape and size options. Think about how it will function within that space and how you can make the most of the rest of your garden.

man and child swimming in a modular pool

WHAT: Reasons for getting an above-ground pool

Think about the purpose of your pool. This may sound like a simple question but consider when it will be used, how many people will be using it and for what purpose. This will help you identify what size and type of pool you need.

Drainage That Works

Above ground pools are popular because they are generally cheaper and easier to install. But they do still need proper drainage channels. When considering drainage options, make sure you think about functionality and durability as well as aesthetics.

pool drain channel

Budget That’s All-Inclusive

Modular pools vary in prices. Think about your budget and don’t forget to include all the related maintenance equipment in your calculations. Also, consider the installation costs. Remember, safety at all times so keep that in mind when budgeting your pool and ask the professionals as they will know what the regulations are.

Water Preference That’s Well-Suited

Above-ground modular pools can use salt or chlorinated water. Think about which type you would prefer. Each has its own pros and cons, from the chemicals used and their effects on users’ skin to the amount of maintenance each water type requires. Before making your decision, think about who will be using your pool, what conditions it will operate under and what your maintenance routine will be.

girl with goggles swimming in pool with blue water

Local Laws on Swimming Pools

Depending on your location and the depth of your pool, there may be some safety regulations you must adhere to. In most cases, Council approval may also be required. Make sure you do the necessary research based on your local area and the features of your pool. Your pool supplier should be able to point you in the right direction and provide you with the model specifications and engineering paperwork to submit with your application.


Above ground pools are a great addition to your home. Don’t rush into buying the first one you see. Think about the space you have and how your pool will look and operate within it. Seek professional advice before installing an above ground pool and remember to check in with your local council before making any purchases.


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Treacy Koster is a passionate blogger who frequently writes about tips related to living and lifestyle. She is also a travel enthusiast.

Major and Minor Investments to Help Increase the Value of Your Home

Regardless of your home’s size or age, there are always things you can do to increase its value – and it’s much easier than you think. Some investments might be a bit costly, while some might cost you nothing but your time. However, what you really should be looking for are the kinds of projects that will result in bigger ROI. So, if you’re planning on selling it in the near future, or you just want to improve it for other reasons, here are a few things you could do to get the most bang for your buck.

increasing the value of your home

Plan ahead

First, you need to plan your remodel. Now, you might be thinking, “what does this have to do with the value of the home?” The thing is, you’re more likely to make the right choices if you upgrade your home according to a premade plan than if you do it on impulse. Also, upgrading your home is a process, it won’t happen overnight, so there’s no reason to rush. Get to know your place, and list the things you want to change. Be realistic about the possible cost of everything on your list. After you organize everything by price, see what's the most important, and what you will do only if there’s money left after the more important upgrades. Finally, do some research or talk to a professional, and see which of those improvements can increase the value of your home the most.

investments to help increase the value of your home

The curb appeal

Installing a new steel door might not sound like the most important addition to your house, but research has shown that it is one of the financially best upgrades you could do. Moreover, it’s all about the first impression and if your exterior doesn’t look impressive, the potential buyers might assume that the interior won’t be much better either. Besides the doors, you should also replace your windows, do some landscaping, repaint the house, etc. In short, your curb appeal can really make or break your ROI, so you should make sure your home looks as great on the outside as it does on the inside.

Think about sustainability

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, so it might not be a bad idea to invest in eco-friendly upgrades. You can install double-flush toilets and low-flow faucets to preserve water. You can also try to get more details about low-flow toilets in the market that flush powerfully and thoroughly.

It may also be a good idea to add some LED lights, insulate your home properly so it doesn’t waste too much electricity on regulating the temperature, and you might even want to consider installing a solar power system. There are many innovative companies such as Australia’s leading solar energy installer Skylight Energy that can provide you with the best solar panels that are guaranteed to efficiently serve your home for a long time.

sustainable homes

Add more space

A research from 2005 has shown that every 1,000 square feet you add to your home is likely to boost its sale price by more than 30 percent. Nowadays, everybody needs an extra room, which they can turn into their home office, private movie theater, or something similar. So, if your budget allows it, consider enlarging your bathroom, building a nice patio or an outdoor kitchen, or perhaps a room or two extra for people’s hobbies. Just try not to add so much that your home’s price skyrockets way beyond your neighborhood’s average – you can be at the high end of your neighborhood’s price range, just try not to be the leading value.

increase property value

Clean your home

Another thing that only takes time – yet is extremely important – is your home’s cleanliness. A clean home will attract more buyers than a home that is obviously full of dust, mold, dirt, and whatnot. It’s not just about the appearance though – by cleaning your home from top to bottom, you might also notice some maintenance issues that need to be taken care of before they turn into bigger, more expensive problems. Mold, for example, can become a huge problem if it spreads, so it’s always best to catch it as early as possible. Also, cleaning includes decluttering, so don’t leave any boxes lying around – get rid of everything you don’t need, and move out of sight everything you do.

There are many different ways in which you can increase your home’s value, from cleaning and planning, which takes nothing but your time, to investing in your exterior and building extra rooms, which does require a thicker wallet. Therefore, plan wisely, don’t rush, and have no doubt that your home will be much more valuable after you’re finished.

8 Ways To Increase Your Property Value - From These 6 Property & Interior Design Professionals

Everyone wants to get the most out of their property, whether that be in terms of space, style or value. Here are ten ways you can increase your property value, from the expert advice from these ten professionals.

Sophie Kost | My Beautiful Abode

[caption id="attachment_13684" align="aligncenter" width="381"]Sophie Kost Image from:[/caption]

Hire A Professional For A Consultation

“When my clients come to me ready to prepare their home for sale I have a series of tips that I always aim to the time we have finished the project, I often receive the cry of 'The house looks so good now, why didn't we do this earlier?' My best advice is to have a consultation with an interior decorator or stylist about how to make the house as a whole feel good from front door to back, you will then reap the benefits of an attractive (and higher valued) home.” Find out more about My Beautiful Abode by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Emily Ayers |

[caption id="attachment_13685" align="aligncenter" width="750"]bathroom Image from:[/caption]

Upgrade Your Bathroom (Or Add A Bathroom)
“Bathrooms are one of the most fundamental rooms when it comes to selling your home. New bathrooms (or simply more bathrooms) will make your property a more attractive proposition. Upgrade your bathroom suites and refresh the décor ahead of a sale. A modern looking bathroom will do much more to attract the attention of buyers.” Find out more about by following them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

MyDeal Pro tip:
Just like the bathroom, your kitchen probably needs some love. Even if you’re Carrie Bradshaw in the flesh and you store your jumpers in your oven, it’s important that you upgrade your appliances, make sure your tiles are up to scratch and keep all fixtures such as kitchen taps in ship-shape. The kitchen is a real breadwinner for your home’s value, so keep it looking its best. At points, a new kitchen, or a kitchen upgrade can add up to $60k value on your home. How crazy is that?

Scott Pendlebury | Renovator Store

renovator store
Upgrade Your Fittings And Fixings

An easy way to add value to a property is to upgrade all the fittings and fixtures in the home. This can dramatically improve the appeal and styling of a house. Everything from floorboards, bathroom fixtures and tapware, the kitchen tap and sink, innovative storage systems such as pull-out pantries, and new lighting and door/cabinet handles can create a refreshed modern appeal to potential buyers. Upgrading to such architectural designer fixtures and surfaces can greatly enhance the luxury feel and value perception of the overall property. However, to profit from such an upgrade it is important that the cost of the new fixtures should be less than the expected increase in the value perception. Therefore concentrate what is within your control: (1) the quality and design of the new fixtures, and (2) the cost of these fixtures. When it comes to cost there is a high variance in the price of high-quality fixtures. Some of it is fair, and some of it is very overpriced. Some showrooms can be more than twice the cost of buying the same fixtures online - remember that when you buy from a showroom a lot of the price goes to paying for the showroom costs, the displays, the salespeople, and the retail margin they demand. You can profit a lot from sourcing smart online - but be sure to avoid the lower quality products and ensure you can return items that do not meet your expectations. Once you get used to shopping from your couch and saving lots of money you will be a happy smart renovator!” Find out more about Renovator Store by following them on Facebook and Twitter. Find out more about increasing your property value with Renovator Store’s free eBook, which you can download here.

Janette Baker | Wallstudio

[caption id="attachment_13689" align="aligncenter" width="522"]Janette Baker Image from:[/caption]

Paint Your Home

“Painting has to be the cheapest and most effective way to increase a property's value. It is one of the most popular DIY projects that homeowners take on. It takes very little skill, it's not too physically intense and the “bang for buck” factor you get from a fresh coat of paint is just so rewarding. When choosing paint colours, it's important to go for fresh, neutral, on-trend colours if you're wanting to increase the value of your property. Try and steer away from bright or bold accent walls, instead use different strengths of the one colour. It gives a continuity through the property and doesn't disrupt the visual flow of the house.” Find out more about Wallstudio by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Josh Mammoliti | The Blue Space

[caption id="attachment_13692" align="aligncenter" width="662"] Image from:[/caption]

Upgrade Your Current Lighting

“Replace your lighting. Have you ever wondered why real estate agents turn every light on in a home during an inspection? Tired and inadequate lighting can really let your home down come selling time. Simply adding extra or brighter down lights, modern pendants or even floor lamps will give your space kitchen and bathroom warmth and make it feel more inviting.”
Find out more about The Blue Space by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

MyDeal Pro tip:
If you’re planning to sell your home, a great way to increase your property value is by avoiding a renovation that’s too trendy. Sure, you may think that millennial pink is the hottest thing right now (which it unfortunately is), but it doesn’t mean you should douse every room in the house that shade. If you would like to inject a certain trend into your home, why not stick to something simple? You can create a feature wall with a staple colour or a jewel toned rug for your living room. As an alternative to having a permanent addition to your home that is conclusive to a trend, it’s a better option to have something semi-permanent in your home that can be easily taken away.

Tania Bell | Green Room Interiors

[caption id="attachment_13693" align="aligncenter" width="413"]Tania Bell Image from:[/caption]

It's All About Presentation

“Presentation is everything when it comes to giving your home the best chance of gaining the best possible sale price. The obvious things like neatening up the garden, making sure all repairs are carried out, projects finished off and bringing in rented furniture can be stated here. However, there is so much more that buyers are expecting these days. You need to appeal not only to the sense of sight but all the other senses. It is proven that any kind of citrus smell in a home gives the impression of increased value. So burn some citrus scented soy candles just before or even during open for inspections. It gives the feeling of cleanliness and freshness.
Additionally, play soft, easy listening music throughout your home, people will be entertained and want to linger longer in this home that seems so comfortable and can imagine living there.” Find out more about Green Room Interiors by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Upgrading your home doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune or changing the entire face of your home. It means upgrading the important things; which can often be the smallest, things you don’t even realise can make a huge difference.

Eco-Friendly Home Renovations for 2017 and Beyond

When renovating a home, owners are faced with quite a number of decisions they have to make. Making good decisions that will pay off in the long term, whether you choose to sell the house or keep living in it, can seem a bit challenging and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. All you need is some planning and thinking ahead.

Unfortunately, not many think about a green and eco-friendly approach when refurbishing their homes. It may be due to the lack of awareness or simply because they want everything to be finished as quickly as possible, but what most people don’t know is that you can save a lot of money going green. You can help the environment and really make a difference.

We’ve scoured the web and we’ve collected some great eco-friendly renovating tips that you can think about when you start your home renovations. These tips are basically simple guidelines meant for helping you understand how to save money through some green refurbishing ideas. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Eco-Friendly Home Renovations

Use Smart Flooring

One of the things you should definitely consider when you embark on the renovating adventure is changing the flooring of your house. For example, bamboo is an amazing material for bathroom flooring. It’s quite durable, grows without pesticides, and grows back faster than wood, and most importantly – it’s water resistant.

Keep in mind that vinyl flooring is one of the most harmful plastic materials in production, so if you have a choice always choose linoleum. Look for reclaimed wood or cork, as they don’t have any volatile organic compounds and they regrow quickly. The production of these materials is also more energy efficient, so there’s another reason why use them.

Become Water Wise

Nowadays it seems that water is becoming somewhat of a luxury. The prices are constantly rising, and with the climate change, people are wondering how to address this water issue. How can you save money on water when you need it so much? Well, there are some things you can consider, first of all – installing a low-flow toilet. Low-flow toilets use significantly less water, which helps you preserve it.

If there’s a possibility for such project, you can include a rainwater tank and connect it with the toilets. You can even use rainwater for gardening or for washing your car, and it would save you quite a penny. Make sure your water taps are efficient. Put the high-flow taps in the bathtub and near the appliances to make sure their water supply is regulated properly, and put low-flow taps at the sink, as you won’t need such a strong water pressure there.

Fix Your Appliances to Make Them Energy-efficient

You would be amazed how much money you can save by becoming more energy-efficient. Let’s not talk about how big of an impact it would make on the environment, but strictly from a financial point – going green is extremely good for your wallet.

When it comes to energy efficiency, most of us think about solar panels and LED lights. These are just some of the great things you can think about implementing when you decide to renovate. Having a solar panel generate some of the energy reflects significantly on your bills, while LED lighting can both be more affordable and more interesting to use than regular lighting. But there are other things you can think about.

Make sure your appliances are functioning properly and check them up regularly. Fixing old appliances may seem irrelevant, but the Total Appliance Repair Centre experts from Sydney have stated that quite a lot of old appliances spend more energy than they should. Refrigerators use more electricity, ovens are overheating, and with just some basic repairs, you can save quite a lot of money.

increase your property value

Increase Your Property Value

Planning a renovation isn’t that difficult. It calls for some time and thinking ahead, but it’s something that can be done easily once the plan is completed. Eco-friendly renovations can help you elevate the value of your property, and it can pay off in the long-term if you decide to stay, so basically, thinking about green renovations is a win-win situation. There are quite a lot of different eco-friendly solutions that can help you out like changing windows, or insulate the place with green materials, so it’s all up to you. Think what you want to achieve and start planning today.

How Much Should I Pay My Tradesmen ?

Paying your chosen tradesmen right is important in building a healthy working relationship with them. Being in good terms with a tradesman will make any homeowner comfortable, knowing that this person will work around their house all the time. Plus, the reno project will be completed on time just as you planned it if the money is right.

Before starting with your reno project, you and your tradies should agree on certain payments. If in case the tradesmen claim they are underpaid, chances are your reno project will be halted. Underpaid tradies might also file a complaint against the homeowner and eventually make them pay the remaining balance in a lump sum. On the other hand, overpaying your tradies will definitely make a huge hole in your pockets.

Here at the Renovator Store, we will help you make sure you avoid overpaying your tradies again.


Paying Your Builder The RIGHT Amount Is Best Practice All Round
Builders are ultimately every homeowner's hero as they are responsible for putting together the renovation project from two-dimensional drawings. Builders will need to be involved from the start of the planning process because they can greatly contribute in coming up with the most practical and efficient ways to execute the renovation project. It also minimizes time in sourcing the proper permits as professional builders keep good contact with local authorities and suppliers. No matter how small or big your renovation is, it is best to seek professional assistance from builders.

Builders who are tasked to work on home renovations cost about $63 per hour, while those who work on a larger scale home building costs as much as $160 per hour. As much as possible, request a written quote covering all expenses for the project and ask if they will charge you for VAT. In this way, you can avoid under or over paying your tradesmen as you go along with your reno. So just discuss everything with transparency with your builder to avoid all the trouble when it comes to payments.


Sometimes, homeowners tend to do their own plumbing at home to minimize expenses. However, there are cases where the professional assistance of a plumber is highly needed. Plumbers do not only know how to fix leaks and clogged pipes and toilets, they also know what causes these and how to ultimately avoid it from recurring. Also, they have the right tools to use in every plumbing situation that you may have.

The national average rate of a professional plumber costs about $80 per hour, which highly depends on the job and location. Plumbing jobs are quite broad, with tasks ranging from fixing leaks, installing bath fixtures, to unclogging pipes. Also, bear in mind that the plumbing costs include the materials to be used or replaced, so make sure that you and your plumber are getting quality products to lessen renovation costs in the future. And since trip charges are also included in a plumber's rate, try to hire someone within your area to minimize your costs.


Electrical problems at home might take a toll to a household's daily routine. That is why it is best to contact an electrician to fix it right away. Do-it-yourself techniques are highly discouraged when it comes to electrical problems as it takes someone equipped with the right knowledge and tools to work in direct contact with electricity.

Depending on the amount of work to be done, electricians' rate per hour ranges from $65 to $85. If you require a huge electrical job for your home, it is best to scout for a number of electricians and compare their quotes. Also, make sure that you are dealing with a licensed electrician if their rates are too high, to ensure that you are getting your money's worth.


[caption id="attachment_13486" align="alignright" width="353"] Installing wooden laminate flooring[/caption]

Installing flooring can be regarded as a DIY job, it is still better to hire a professional to execute it. Some floor fixtures tend to be hard to install, which eventually need the attention of a professional to make it right.

Floor tradies usually charge an average of $40 per hour, while some are charging around $30 per square meter. Weigh in on these two options in negotiating with your tradesmen to come up with the most cost-efficient rate for your project.

Ultimately, transparent communication between you and your tradesmen is the key for the most cost-efficient option for you. Establish good working relationships with them to make it easier for you the next time you will need their professional assistance for your reno.

What Renovations Make Sense for you?

If you’ve visited the Renovator Store before, you’re probably pretty familiar with our love of smart and savvy renovations. What you probably didn’t know, is that today we’re partnering up with Australian Heritage Homes, a company that echoes our appreciation of a dollar saved and a home well-designed. But sometimes renovations can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. Lucky for you, we’re here to be your partners in crime, and detail- what renovations make sense for you?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind- budget, timeline, time you plan to live in the home, and long-term value. Let’s dive in!

renovation budget


Ah, the lovely four-letter type word. The one that we shy away from discussing in budget, and sometimes, aren’t even honest about with ourselves. This is the biggest mistake you can make, especially in this day and age. We’re only getting more and more creative with the ways that we can stretch a dollar—by exploring new materials or new processes. The only thing we recommend is that you’re honest with yourself. If you can only afford to update one area of the home, then go for it! Just make sure that you don’t overstretch yourself or your wallet. Side effects include major stress, and potentially skipped meals.



This one is a surprise to some of our readers, but it’s just as valuable to think about. Let’s say you’ve got young ones, dozens of them, running in and out of your house every day. It’s a set-up that you can’t workaround. You probably don’t want to engage in a long-term remodel then, that renders the social areas of your space totally useless for the little ones. Again, this is an area where we can get creative, but be upfront with your contractor or designer about how quickly you need to turn a job around. They may push back, and that’s to be expected. They need to cover their behinds too. But if you’re honest from the get-go, then you can ensure that the conversations you have will be fruitful.

renovation timeline

Time you plan to live in your home

Another shocker to many of our readers and valued customers. But if you think about it, it makes total sense. Do you plan on leaving your home in the next year or two? Probably not a good investment to spend thousands of dollars on a remodel then. However, if you’re purchasing a home that you plan to be in for five plus years, then we encourage you to explore potential remodels. They can then lead directly into our last topic…


Long-term value!

The beauty of renovations? They can potentially add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the curbside appeal and intrinsic value of your home. You just need to be strategic about the way you think them through. Is your renovation going to appeal to the masses, or are you catering to a niche personal need? There is no harm and no foul with the latter, you’ll just want to be aware.

Questions? Comments? Give us a shout! We would love to hear from our readers. And make sure to check out Australian Heritage Homes site for more information.

Save thousands with the Renovator Stores EOFY Sale

Whether you just need a new mailbox or are doing an entire home renovation, there is no reason not to take advantage of the massive End of Financial Year Sales that are creeping to an end. And what better way to do your shopping than from your own couch with a wine in hand. Find out how to save thousands of dollars here… We all love a good EOFY Sale!

matte black bathware sale

The Renovator Store is a fully online store specialising in fixtures and fittings. With free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee*, there is no risk in purchasing a few good looking, fine quality home fixtures and having them delivered to your door all within a few days! The best part is that all products are between 30-80% off RRP prices. How? Because being an online store, there are no overhead costs in running a retail showroom so what we save on costs, we pass on to our customers!

Many people are anxious about online shopping and the idea of not being able to touch and feel products however with a 30-day money back guarantee, there is nothing stopping you from ordering an item and then simply returning it if doesn’t suit your needs. So how can you save $1000’s of dollars with our current EOFY sale? Let's begin in the bathroom...



The bathroom is always one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. Designer tapware, piping and plumbing, heated towel rails and under floor heating all don’t come cheap. If you're shopping around at Masters and Bunnings, sure you can renovate or build a bathroom for a fraction of the cost of shopping at Reece, however, your fixtures may only last a few years. The Renovator Store stocks and sells many designer brand fixtures from around the world all at a fraction of retail prices such as the Aguzzo Cortina range, now available in polished chrome and Matte Black! With free shipping AUSTRALIA WIDE and a 5-year warranty and full compliance with Australian Watermark and WELS standards, we dare you to find bathroom fixtures of this same European design and quality for less!


Aguzzo Cortina Wall Mounted Mixer with Spout - $225.20bathroom-modern-contemporary-black-white-bathroom-shower-tiles

Are you opting for something natural, soft and calming for your bathroom? Do you want to create a serene environment where your worries can be lost? As the only supplier and distributor of bamboo basins in Australia, the Renovator Store stocks 4 (soon to be 5) bamboo basin designs. Each individually handmade by wrapping layer upon layer of bamboo and injected with a strengthening resin, the Moku Natural Basins are just as durable as a ceramic basin. Currently, on sale from $283.50, a MOKU Natural Basin can turn your bathroom into a nature retreat.


MOKU Bamboo Basin - Square -$284.95

There aren't many things better in winter than a nice warm and fluffy towel after a nice hot shower. Hotwire's  free-standing heated towel rail is the perfect thing to keep you warm this winter. The only thing hotter than your towel is the $199 price they are selling for.

Hotwire Free Standing Heated Towel Rail
Hotwire Free Standing Heated Towel Rack- $199



The only room that is more expensive than the bathroom to renovate

is no doubt the kitchen. With tapware, dishwashers, range hoods and storage solutions not to mention bench tops, cabinetry and lighting, a kitchen renovation can easily cost well above $20,000! So how can we cut down on costs but not on quality?


The #1 best selling product of the Renovator Store is the Swedia Signatur Stainless Steel Kitchen Mixer. If you don’t believe us then ask Shaynna Blaze from Channel 9’s The Block who bought this mixer for an outdoor entertaining area. With a 15 year warranty, pull out hose function and dual flow, you can understand why the RRP of this tap is well above $1000 BUT if you buy it from the Renovator Store today, it can be at your doorstep for just $697. Or why not look at these selected Swedia taps that are also on sale!

swedia-signatur-kitchen-mixer-stainless-steelSwedia Signatur Kitchen Mixer - $422.95

As well as Kitchen Tapware, the Renovator Store stocks a wide range of ingenious kitchen storage solutions that will be sure to make the best use of your limited storage space. Whether its pots and pans, cutlery or even pantry organisers – the Renovator Store has storage ideas to suit you!

PSSSTTT!!!! Want to know a little secret? We have a secret promotion on selected Swedia sinks.. but you've gotta promise not to tell everyone about it because it's a big one!  Click here to find it!


Large, deep pantry cupboards can make it so difficult to find the food you're looking for. Cans and containers get lost up the back, never to be seen again. The European designed pull-out pantries are fairly new to the Australian market but are making a large impact on function within kitchens. The Provedore’ and ‘Chef’ ranges from the Renovator Store provide effortless pull-out pantry internal units that can fit into pre-existing spaces and feature durable chrome composition with soft close function. Available in a 400mm and 450mm pull out style or 600mm open out, say no to standard cupboard pantries and invest in the pull-out design today!


Elite Provedore Pull Out Pantry - 400mm - $579.95


Elite Chef Open Out Pantry - 600mm - $629.95

The kitchen bin may not have even crossed your mind when planning a renovation but you’re going to need to find space for it somewhere and no one wants their kitchen bin to be visible. The Renovator Stores range of ELITE Kitchen Bins comes in many different sizes for standard Australian cupboards. Whether you’re after a single or double design, they’ll be sure to have a bin for you. Designed to be fitted into your cupboard either beneath your kitchen sink or attached to a door front for a pull-out style, the ELITE range all feature high-quality ball bearing runners, sturdy steel frames and removable bin containers to make cleaning and waste removal easy!


Elite 40L Twin Slide Out Concealed Waste Bin - $169.95


ELITE 68L Twin Slide Out Concealed Waste Bin - $192.95


ELITE 30L Slide Out Concealed Waste Bin - $104.95


First impressions mean a lot when entering a home. Make sure your home entrance stands out with a modern mailbox and classy house numbers. Constructed from 304-grade stainless steel, the Hansdorf Range of house numbers and letter boxes will be sure to last for years out the front of your home without any risk of rust. For just $19.95 per number, your home will soon be the smartest on the street and your guests and postman will have no difficulty in finding your house.

house-number-stainless-steel-hansdorfHansdorf House Numbers - Stainless Steel - $19.95 each


The Hansdorf mailboxes are also 304-grade stainless steel and come with a newspaper/catalogue insert as well as a keyed lock + 2 keys. Its smooth styling and precision edges look great at the front of a new contemporary home. Built to withstand the elements and corrosion, its flip top lid keeps water out of the box and your letters dry.  It is designed to be wall mounted and very secure.


Hansdorf Stainless Steel Mailbox - $99.95


Hansdorf Stainless Steel Mail Box ON SALE

So where else can you save with the Renovator Stores EOFY Sale? Have you looked at their range of LED Lighting? With 63% off selected LED lighting saves you hundreds off your power bills, enabling you to make your money back within 18 months! Or what about interior door handles? The Hansdorf range of interior door handles is a timeless classic. With a wide selection of lever and pull handles, the stainless steel interior door hardware comes with the option of a privacy button to enable door locking.

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Outdoor kitchen - Why you need to consider one for your home!

Always loved the idea of an outdoor kitchen area? Wanting to add value to your house? Looking for a fun new renovation project the whole family will enjoy? Love entertaining? Everyone enjoys eating outside as a family, but why stop there? Let us tempt you with the top reasons as to why you should consider building an outdoor kitchen to lift the overall value of your home!


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With an outdoor kitchen, you're going to become a master entertainer 

Everyone loves dining al-fresco, especially in the summer time. Why let the fun stop there? By building an outdoor kitchen, you're creating a fantastic entertaining opportunities right in your own backyard. Be able to interact with your guests outside whilst you cook for them, whether it be for large parties, intimate dinners or get-togethers on a balmy summers night.

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Keep mess confined to outside 

Just set up a bin outside, and you're good to go. All the mess you accumulate while you cook is kept outside. You can view plenty of bin solutions here.

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.... and odours!

Lots of people enjoy eating fish and other foods that are likely to give off a lingering odour. By building an outdoor kitchen, you can confine the cooking and eating of these delicious foods to outdoors.

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You'll save on your air-conditioning bill 


Cooking indoors during the summertime can be a nightmare. By having an outdoor kitchen, you're able to cut costs on your air-conditioner working overtime to keep you, and your whole house cool.


It's really low-maintenance to manage an outdoor kitchen

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When building an outdoor kitchen, choose entirely stainless steel products. Stainless steel has a natural protection and high tolerance for the Australian outdoors. Not only does stainless steel have a timeless aesthetic appeal, but it's incredibly easy to clean AND maintain. By choosing stainless steel products, you're not going to have to worry about replacing taps and sinks that have started to crumble after a few months in the Australian sun.









It will expand your living space 

There's no need to add walls here, you can simply build upon your existing patio or outdoor space. By having an outdoor kitchen and seating area, you're adding another living space, also increasing the overall value of your home.


You'll save on eating out costs 

If you've gone to the effort to create a gorgeous outdoor dining space, why would you want to venture out when you've got your own outdoor oasis at home?!

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Do you have an outdoor kitchen you're really proud of? Share your photos with us!

How to Survive Your Home Renovation with Your Sense of Humour Intact

If the Great Aussie Dream is to own your home, then the Great Aussie Project must be to carry out your own renovation! Whether it's something small such as a humble bedroom paint job, or a bigger task such as addition of a few extra rooms; embarking on renovation will always be a nerve-wracking yet rewarding experience. So whether you decide to DIY, or get a team of experts to do it for your a renovation is a great way to improve the value, increase living space and update the design of your home.  However, getting through the renovation stage can be tricky, although through planning ahead and taking precautions you to can survive your home renovation with your sense of humour intact...

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Have a Plan

Perhaps the best way to minimise the disruption that can come with renovations is to plan well in advance of the renovation tasks. Understand when you’ll be without services (such as water) during the work and when you’ll need to make other accommodation arrangements. Even smaller jobs will cause some disorder in the household so it is an excellent idea to plan the project in stages to keep ahead. At the simplest level, this may mean organising for the kids to sleep in the spare room for a day or three while you redecorate their bedroom. At a larger scale it may be organising to move out for a few days to allow space for renovators to complete the job.


Minimise the Amount of Household Items Lying around 

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Simply pack away what you aren’t going to use. For example wrap bedding, sheets, and clothes in plastic bags to prevent them from being covered in dust, and then place them in protected storage. This could either be on site, at a friend’s house or you could pay for temporary storage. In doing this you can protect your valuables both from theft and damage, and speed up the renovation process.


Stay Away as Much as Possible

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As the walls come down and the carpets are removed, you can bet that the dust will begin to fly! Therefore it makes sense that you and your family should try and keep away from the area being renovated as much as possible! is particularly true if you have young children who may easily stumble into dangerous situations or breathe in toxic dust around the incomplete renovations. 


Don't Settle for Second Best


Whilst shopping for renovation materials now is not the time to settle for second best! If you try and cut costs with second rate materials most of the time you're just going to end up with a subpar finish. If you're choosing to hire professionals you should also take the time to investigate into the quality of the materials they use. If you want high quality products and affordable prices shop try shopping at renovation specialists such as the Renovator Store! For example check out these engineered european oak boards...

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Keep Your Sense of Humour!

Home Renovation Tips. 5 Secrets For Painting Like A Pro

Above all else, keep a smile on your face! Living in your home whilst renovations are taking place around you may be one of the most stressful experiences for a homeowner. You have to put up with dirt, dust and disruption — sometimes for months on end until the project is completed. However remember that the disruption won’t be forever and the sooner you can see the funny side, the better the experience will be. Overall renovating your home can be an extremely rewarding experience, and seeing the finished product will improve your homes value and appearance by leaps and bounds.

Author Bio: This article was written by Clive Smith the Interstate Removals General Manager for Budget Self Pack Containers, Australia’s expert long-distance container removals service.

Less is more – Why Minimalist Home Design is Good for You

The last thing you need when you come home from a hard day's work is to be greeted by mess and clutter. Therefore so many people are yearning for a simpler, less complicated way and life, and hence it is no coincidence that minimalist home design is the forefront of current architectural trends. The basis of minimalist interior design is to rid your home of clutter by removing unnecessary and superfluous items from your living space. Apart from the indubitable and timeless aesthetic appeal, there are many other advantages of minimalist home design. Keep reading to find out more...



Simplicity Grabs Attention

A minimalistic room unburdened by excessive furniture leaves ample space for the eye to appreciate the architecture and form. For example galleries and museums use negative space to draw attention to display pieces, and this same technique can be used very effectively in your own home. 

Modern Minimalist Living Room Design13

By simply putting a visually appealing piece of furniture in the centre of an uncluttered space you can transform it from merely a utilitarian object into the centrepiece of the room. Secondly the use of matte finishes is a popular trend at the moment, and is a great way of drawing attention to elements such as light fixtures, whilst still keeping design simple and clean.


Minimalism Is Calming

Researchers around the globe are increasingly studying how the space you in which you live impacts your mood. This has led to the emergence of a new and exciting field of study called neuro-architecture. Essentially this field confirms that a minimalist approach to living has a calming influence on people. 

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Essentially removing clutter from your living space allows you to get rid of unnecessary distractions, and hence can help you to concentrate and channel your creativity. To further create a calming atmosphere try incorporating natural elements into your design such as textured timbers. Lighting also plays a crucial role in creating ambiance, and LED technology enables you to have energy efficient lighting to fit any mood you desire.


Minimalism Is Practical


A cluttered home will almost undoubtedly collect dust and become an absolute nightmare to clean. Although you might be sad to say goodbye to all those extra pillows and knickknacks, you'll gain the distinct advantage of reducing the amount of dust and allergens present in your home. Also without the excess objects and lack of high maintenance surfaces to clean, a quick vacuum and wipe down is all you need to keep a minimalist home spick and span.


Minimalism Is Thrifty

Minimalist design can also be cheaper than other design alternatives. In selecting only a few durable and high quality furniture pieces you are overall saving money in the long run. The same applies to building materials that are hardwearing and durable.

Overall the minimalist aesthetic stands the test of time much better than other approaches. Light and airy colours and designs have a timeless appeal, ensuring you will not have to repaint or remodel in order to keep up with trends. If you want to spruce up a minimalist space, it can be as cheap and simple as adding a strip of textured colourful wallpaper; no need for an in depth makeover.


Overall minimalism is a fine balancing act. You've got to be careful not to go too far not to end up making the space too frugal for comfort. To get the maximum out of your living space, it is important to choose every piece of furniture carefully, bearing in mind both functionality and aesthetics. At first glance, the minimalist approach may seem daunting and limiting, but striving for functional and clean simplicity can be highly liberating and rewarding.