Puretec WH1 - Water Filter for the Whole House - 10 inch MaxiPlus

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Make the water for your entire house filtered water!

With this Puretec Whole House WH1 Filtration unit you can now ensure peace of mind when using your water. Even with Australia's high quality standards for mains water, there can be some unwanted nasties left in your water. You can also use this unit with rainwater systems. With this unit you can be sure your family is consuming some of the best filtered water available.

Prolong the life of your appliances!

The WH1 refines the water to reduce build-up in your appliances which can lead to a reduction in their life or a greatly reduced level of performance. Ensure your dishes and clothes are cleaned properly by installing the Puretec WH1! 

Low Maintenance

This Filtration unit features no moving parts and no power supply, reducing the amount of maintenance required. Replacing the cartridge is a breeze. 

  • Standard Connections - The Standard connection, 1"BSP (25mm) for the 30lpm unit and 1 1/2"BSP (40mm) for the 60lpm unit, allows for up to 80L Per Minute, therefore not compromising your water pressure. 

  • Easy Installation - Using standard fittings installation is a breeze for any registered plumber.

  • Taste and Odour Reduction - This unit produces spring water quality for great tasting water that is affordable for all.

  • No Power Required - Power is not necessary to operate this unit, making the placement of the unit extremely flexible. 

  • Heavy Duty Housing - The filtration unit comes in a heavy duty casing so you can be comfortable installing it outdoors.

Puretec WH1 High Flow Filter - Specifications
Puretec WH1 Whole house water filtration unit


10-year warranty on replacement parts. 1-year parts and labour warranty, excludes cartridge. Conditions apply - see Returns and Warranties Policy.

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