Puretec Hybrid Replacement Cartridge - Carbon Block - 20-inch MP - 5 Micron

PURETEC Product Code : PURETEC-CB05MP2-1334

This Carbon Cartridge is made for Hybrid and HybridPlus series UV filtration units. It is highly effective in reducing taste, odour, chlorine and sediment to achieve great tasting water. Installation is easy, simply twist your current cartridge off the filter head and twist on your replacement cartridge until firmly sealed. Then allow water to run for 1-2 minutes to flush the system and your new cartridge is ready to use!  

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Chlorine and Odour Removal for Puretec Hybrid Series

This Replacement Carbon Block Cartridge is part of the three-stage filtration of the comprehensive Hybrid and HybridPlus series UV filter systems, specifically designed to treat mains and rainwater supply and provide stable water flow to every outlet in the house. It's constructed from a bonded activated carbon filter media that makes it highly suitable for superior treatment of water with no release of carbon fines. This is the ultimate in carbon cartridges.

With the Hybrid Filtration & Ultraviolet units, you can make the best use of your captured rainwater, instead of just using them to water the garden or flush the toilets.

Superior Water Treatment for UV Water Filter Systems

  • LONG-LASTING - Maximised dirt holding capacity guarantees extended cartridge life
  • RELIABLE - Highly effective in reducing chlorine, bad taste, and odour for affordable great tasting water
  • DURABLE - Constructed from bonded activated carbon for superior contaminant capacity
  • EASY TO INSTALL - The filtration unit features no moving parts and requires no power supply; installing and replacing its cartridge is also a breeze
  • PEACE OF MIND - The filtration unit ensures whole house water protection for small to large residences

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carbon cartridge replacement for Puretec Hybrid water filter


To maintain a high quality of purified water, the cartridges will need changing periodically (dependent on water quality and usage). See Cartridge Replacement Procedure below.

Hybrid Series User Guide HybridPlus Series User Guide
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