Puretec Hybrid Replacement - Quartz Sleeve - 540mm

PURETEC Product Code : PURETEC-RQS6-1315

This Replacement RQS6 Quartz Sleeve suits the UV filtration system of Puretec Hybrid and HybridPlus Series. It's constructed from high quality quartz for optimum disinfection through superior UV ray transmittal. Regularly check sleeve (about every 3 months) for any dirt or substance build-up.

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Protective Quartz Sleeve for Hybrid UV Water Filter

This Replacement Quartz Sleeve is used for the ultraviolet protection component of Puretec Hybrid water filter systems. It surrounds the UV lamp inside the stainless steel chamber and is made of quartz, so ultraviolet light can pass through unfiltered. The UV protection component of Hybrid series kills 99.9% of bacteria with Radfire ultraviolet technology (completely eco-friendly and chemical-free). Ensure that the UV lamp is able to penetrate the water by replacing the quartz sleeve every 3 months. (Note: Never touch the quartz and lamp surface when installing a new one as fingerprints may interfere with UV transmission.)

High Quality Quartz Sleeve with O-Rings

  • DURABLE - Made of high quality quartz for optimal UV transmittal
  • DIY INSTALLATION - Requires quick change by sliding it down to the chamber and securing the top and bottom ends with O-rings (included upon purchase)
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN - Must be checked every 3 months for any dirt, depending on your water quality (clean with an alcohol based cleaner if necessary)
  • RELIABLE - The UV filtration system kills 99.9% of bacteria with Radfire ultraviolet technology
  • PEACE OF MIND - The filtration unit ensures whole house water protection for small to large residences


To ensure high sterilising rate with best water quality, check the sleeve regularly (about every 3 months depending on quality of water source). See Quartz Sleeve Maintenance/Replacement Procedure below.

Hybrid Series User Guide HybridPlus Series User Guide
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