Puretec Hybrid Replacement - Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp - 4 Pin - 46W

PURETEC Product Code : PURETEC-RL6-1314

The RL6 Ultraviolet Lamp for Puretec Hybrid and HybridPlus Series has a 46 watt power and standard 4 pin connection. It's a reliable and high-quality lamp that provides a high intensity of UV light for efficient water treatment. Replace every 12 months (9000 Hours) to ensure a high sterilizing rate with the best water quality.

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4-Pin Ultraviolet Light Replacement for Hybrid Water Purification Units

This Replacement Ultraviolet Lamp is used for the ultraviolet protection component of Puretec Hybrid and HybridPlus water filter systems. It's generated from a low-pressure, high-output lamp and provides a high intensity of UV light, making it possible to treat water with a smaller, more efficient unit. The UV protection component of Hybrid series kills 99.9% of bacteria with Radfire ultraviolet technology (completely eco-friendly and chemical-free). To ensure high sterilizing rate with best water quality, make sure to replace your UV lamp every year.

DIY Installation Premium UV Light 

  • HIGH OUTPUT - Provides high-intensity ultraviolet light for efficient water treatment
  • LONG LIFE - Can last for up to 365 days (Avoid turning the lamp on and off unnecessarily as this will shorten service life)
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Simply insert UV lamp into the stainless steel chamber and securely fit the black lamp connector back onto the metal nut
  • STANDARD CONNECTION - Built with 4-pin connection for DIY-friendly and quick lamp change
  • RELIABLE - The UV filtration system kills 99.9% of bacteria with Radfire ultraviolet technology


UV Lamps must be replaced annually in order to maintain 99.9% kill rate of bacteria. See Lamp Replacement Procedure below.

Hybrid Series User Guide HybridPlus Series User Guide
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