Puretec Hybrid P12 All in One UV Rain Water Filter System - With 0.9kW Pump and Mains to Rain Controller


The Puretec Hybrid-P12 is an all-in-one filtration system with pump provision, 3 stage filtration and finishing with UV sterilisation. This sleek, practical and high-quality system ensures you have pressurised safe and delicious rainwater. Designed to sit neatly against a wall, fence or tank, or can also be freestanding.

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Features and Benefits

  • Designed specifically for rainwater, the Puretec HybridPlus is a plug & play package with pump provision, filters & UV in one unit that is weatherproof, rodent-proof and tamper proof.
  • Bacteria protection - Kills 99.9% of E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cysts with Radfire™ ultraviolet technology, natural process that’s completely eco-friendly and chemical-free.
  • Unique connection system so that water flow can be connected to the left or right-hand sides for fast, easy and neat installation.
  • Patented cabinet with gull-wing style access doors looks great whilst providing easy access for maintenance, is corrosion resistant and lockable to prevent tampering.
  • Premium pump*, pressure controller and optional mains/rains changeover switch to ensure adequate pressure and seamless back up from the mains/municipal water supply.
  • Neatly concealed ventilation to allow airflow and heat dissipation.
  • Suitable for other water supplies - depending on water quality (refer to Puretec Customer Care).


HybridPlus P3, P6, P9 & P12 models include a Grundfos pump and are covered by Grundfos for the warranty as stated in the Grundfos user guide. For assistance please call the Puretec Customer Service Helpline on 1300 140 140 (Australia) or 0800 130 140 (New Zealand).

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  • Grundfos Pump Model: CMB-SP 5-47
  • Rated Power: 0.9 kW
  • Pressure Controller: PM2
  • Mains to Rains Controller: Standard
  • Power Supply: 220-240 VAC / 50 Hz
  • Maximum Current Consumption: 5.4-5.0 A
  • Water Temperature Range: 0-52°C (protect from freezing)
  • Self-Priming: 4m
  • UV Dosage @40mJ/cm2: 54 Lpm
  • UV Dosage @30mJ/cm2: 70 Lpm
  • UV Dosage @16mJ/cm2: 130 Lpm
  • Pump Flow Rate: 86 Lpm
  • Connection: 1” BSP [25mm]
  • Warranty: 3 years (1 year parts & labour, plus 2 years parts only) 


Replacement Cartridges and Parts

  1. Stage 1 Filtration: PL05MP2
  2. Stage 2 Filtration: CB05MP2
  3. Stage 3 Filtration: PX01MP2
  4. Replacement UV Lamp: RL6
  5. Replacement Quartz Sleeve: RQS6


Installation Note:

A water filter system/tap, like any product, has a limited lifespan and if not replaced, will eventually fail. Failure can happen early due to unforeseen circumstances. To avoid possible property damage, this product should be regularly examined for leakage and/or deterioration and replaced when necessary. We strongly recommend that a drain pan, plumbed to an appropriate drain or outfitted with a leak detector, be used in those applications where any leakage could cause property damage. We also strongly recommend that the water supply be turned off, upstream to the water filter system/tap, if no one is home for an extended period of time.



3 years replacement parts. 1 year parts and labour.

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