Puretec WH2-60 Replacement Cartridge - Polyspun Sediment - 20-inch MP - 5 Micron


This Puretec PX05MP2 sediment cartridge is intended for the Stage 1 filtration of the Puretec WH2 - Dual Stage Water Filter for the Whole House. This sediment cartridge is highly reliable in removing sediment, rust, sand, silt, algae effectively and leave no chemical residues in the process. Replacing the cartridge is a breeze -- see video instruction below.

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Dual Stage Water Filtration for your Whole House

This replacement cartridge is part of the dual-stage filtration of the WH2 filter system which refines the water to reduce build-up in your appliances which can lead to a reduction in their life or a greatly reduced level of performance. Ensure your dishes and clothes are cleaned properly by installing the Puretec WH2! 

Stage 1 - Sediment:  A superior 5-micron pleated sediment filter to remove particles like dirt, sediment, rust.  This will dramatically improve the taste or your water and remove odours, and there are no chemical residues.  This cartridge is washable and reusable

Stage 2 - Active Carbon:  Bonded activated carbon to help reduce the presence of sediment, cysts, lead, heavy metal, chlorine and other harmful chemicals and bad tastes.

A Practical Choice for a Whole House Filter System

  • BIGGER and LONGER-LASTING - 3 times longer life than comparable cartridges
  • RELIABLE - Protects appliances and keeps drinking safe with sediment-free water
  • MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE - Highly effective in reducing taste, odour, chlorine and sediment from unfiltered water
  • EASY TO INSTALL - The filtration unit features no moving parts and requires no power supply; installing and replacing its cartridge is also a breeze
  • PEACE OF MIND - The filtration unit ensures whole house water protection for small to medium residences

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