Sink Accessory - Stainless Steel Hanging Caddy - 170mm


This SWEDIA Stainless Steel Hanging Sink Caddy helps you keep your dish washing sponges out of the way but still reachable whenever you need it. Its bottom is built with holes that acts as a drain that is both hygienic and practical. Securely hang it on your sink with its extended bent hooks and a couple of suction cups that easily sticks to any smooth surface.

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Compact Yet Secure Space Saver

Built with suction cups that easily makes its mounting secure and stable against the sink wall. Aside from that, its stainless steel hook can be used to safely put it in place on the edge of the kitchen sink. Its storage capacity is just right for your dish washing sponge, small rugs, brushes, and other cleaning materials that you need to access right from your kitchen sink. You can also use it in other parts of your kitchen to hold small tools and utensils neatly.

Key Features

  • High Quality Materials - ensuring strength and durbaility for everyday use

  • Space Saving Concept - to maximise kitchen space in every kitchen

  • Small strainer holes - to drain out water and still be able to hold brushes and cleaning rods

  • Perfectly designed - to be hung on edges of kitchen counters and sinks

  • Easy to stick suction cups - to secure and support installation



SWEDIA accessories and strainers have a standard 12 month warranty. Normal wear and tear, damage, incorrect installation,misuse, or modification will not be covered under this warranty. Scratches, stains, chips, dents, damage and gloss reduction are consequences of use and not defects covered by this warranty. Check the summary of the full warranty terms and limitations and claim processes here.

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