Stainless Steel - the hygienic choice in tapware

inside a stainless steel tap

When the taste and hygiene of your water matters

If you drink the water from or wash your fresh food using your kitchen tap you will appreciate the benefits of stainless steel:

Stainless steel contains no lead (Pb).  Many people seek to avoid contact with lead (Pb) and other potentially dangerous compounds with their drinking water and food.  Traditional brass facuets typically contain lead to make it more machineable, and DR Brass used in Australian faucets can even contain arsenic to assist with its corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel is a sanitary metal.  At a micro level stainless steel is not porous like many other metals, making it very difficult for bacteria and germs to adhere and grow.  That is why commercial consumable liquid storage uses stainless steel vessels and restaurants and hospitals require stainless steel surfaces.  Swedia tapware is stainless steel inside and out. It has perfectly smooth internal surfaces so your water stays clean.  Many brass forged faucets are internally rough and foreign material collects over time negatively altering the taste and hygeine of your water.


Preserve your water hygiene and taste with Swedia stainless steel tapware